Saturday & Sunday 14th & 15th October 2024

Hidden Hearth Festival 2023

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Hidden Hearth Festival

Hidden Hearth is an intimate festival of community, connection, creativity, celebration and empowerment. This two day festival aims to enchant and nourish all who gather. We will honour the end of the outward half of the year, reflect on the bounty we have experienced throughout the brighter months, and let go as we prepare to turn inward for the darker winter months.It is a celebration of many disciplines of the arts such as music, visual art, poetry & storytelling, performances and crafts. It is also a place where people can come to retreat from the world and connect with nature.

Our array of holistic workshops and classes will be spaces to nourish your body, mind and spirit whilst giving your system some support during the change of season. Our intention is to curate fun and engaging spaces of learning and exploration through many different hands-on workshops, interactive talks and classes that inspire new perspectives. We will provide the perfect space for sharing skills to support people in their empowerment of taking climate action into their own hands (literally!).At the heart of the festival lies the knowing of our interdependence with the planet and her resources.

We acknowledge the interconnectedness of our health as individuals with the health of our planet and ecosystem. Our festival aims to bridge this connection so that participants leave with a greater understanding of the importance for us as individuals and a collective to take creative and local action to support our planet to thrive once again, whether that be by learning how to forage within your locality for medicines and food, by planting trees, or by being inspired to take action on a governmental level.

The Festival is an annual showcase of The Farmyard Lisnavagh - Eat Sleep Breathe Create - Connecting people with themselves, each other and with nature.


at the festival 2022 we had a fantastic line up and 2023 is to be as good if not better -
watch this space for updates and follow us on instagram @lisnavagh or sign up for our newsletter...!

Meditation & Yoga

The invitation is to let go of ‘doing’ and to allow yourself to simply ‘be’.  

Join Pam / Chris / Teresa / Lisa for their yoga classes that will help you experience the rich benefits of the yoga practice and philosophy.

Pam will also be in conversation about the practical philosophy of yoga in the library on Sunday.

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Forest Bathing

Forest bathing is something we all need in our lives and can be enjoyed by all age groups with good mobility. Forest bathing is an experience offered to people who can de stress simply by going into the woods for a period of time and with guidance it can benefit our health greatly. Recent scientific studies in Japan have proven that forest bathing reduces our blood pressure, boosts our immune system, improves our sleep patterns and lowers our cholesterol.

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Somatics & Dance

Somatics is a movement therapy, a way of re-educating the way our brain senses and moves the muscles. It is an incredibly subtle but effective way of working with the body.

“Dancing as if language had surrendered to movement– as if this ritual, this wordless ceremony, was now the way to speak, to whisper private and sacred things, to be in touch with some otherness...” – Brian Friel, 'Dancing at Lughnasa'

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With our workshops there will be much to absorb and enjoy such as Kirtan singing, shamanic & bio-magnetic healing, hurling workshop and more...

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Bee Therapy

Experience lying above the bees...bees generate 35 degrees heat with a soothing vibration. This is an introduction to a new phenomenon with striking effects. It has been proven that those who sleep above bee hives have astonishing health results.

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Cacao Ceremony & Sound Healing

The Brick Barn at Lisnavagh is surrounded by nature and stillness that allows you to absorb the vibrations and ceremonial process with cacao...

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Live Music Sessions

Join us in the stables courtyard for an eclectic mix of live music ranging from special guests to local talent and our own Lisnavagh musicians on stage to bring you enjoyment and fulfilment.

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Library Talks & Performing Arts

Join us in the Library in Lisnavagh House for a series of enlightening talks, poetry, renditions and more from our guest speakers…

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Cookery Demos

Learn how how to make simple delicious healthy food and how to make winter warming tinctures.

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Forest School for Kids

Forest School is an all year round holistic nature based education system. Practitioners are professionally trained and
calculated risk is encouraged to assist in the growth of the young person. The space is created for
young people to develop positive relationships with themselves, others and the natural world
around them.

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Rave In The Woods

Let yourself go and dance to the meditative tunes deep in the Lisnavagh forest!

Ruairí is a DJ, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and dawn chorus enthusiast.

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Traders & Vendors

Deb - sheepskins & woollen products

Karen - gemstone jewellery

Fiona - Away with Nature natural skincare

Labhaoise - Natural Toothpaste & light energy foods

Hemp Harmonics - Hemp Natural Products

The Hemp Farm - Certified Organic Hemp

Martha Cashman - Clay Artist

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Leisure & Relax

Also at the wellness festival: 

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Ten thousand flowers in spring, the moon in autumn,
a cool breeze in summer, snow in winter.
If your mind isn’t clouded by unnecessary things,
this is the best season of your life.

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Getting Here

There is a regular bus service to Rathvilly (3 miles from Lisnavagh) from Dublin Busarus in with Bus Eireann and also run a service from Dublin to Carlow town - 20 minutes from Lisnavagh and a €30 taxi ride from opposite the bus station in Carlow.

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Please note this is a day event and all our accommodation is taken for facilitators however please see our recommended local accommodation here.

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