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Other Family Enterprises

he creative and entrepreneurial spirit of the McClintock Bunbury family and the Lisnavagh Estate is the source of a number of internationally recognised businesses based at the Lisnavagh Estate.The family have looked to the Estate and have found a number of ways of using its natural resource in an ecologically sound manner.

Sasha Sykes

William’s sister, Sasha, is an artist and designer married to Tom Sykes, himself a well known writer and journalist. A mother of three, she runs her own business http://sashasykes.com/ that designs furniture using natural resources and perspex from her workshop on the Lisnavagh estate.

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Turtle Bunbury

Turtle, William’s youngest brother, is an historian and writer of three Vanishing Ireland books as well as other subjects. He is based at Lisnavagh Estate with his wife Ally and their children.

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Andrew Bunbury

William’s younger brother, Andrew, is based in Co. Down where he does landscape architecture for Parkhood Architects.

He is married to Nicola and has two children.

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Lord and Lady Rathdonnell

William’s parents live on Lisnavagh Estate in a newly built house since 2006. They lived in and managed Lisnavagh House from the early 1960s to 2006. The estate was largely operated as a farm during this time with day to day input from Andy Verney, and supplemental income coming in from house lets, bed & breakfast accommodation, holiday cottages and opening the gardens.