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Away Days & Client Events That Inspire

Client and Staff outings provide time and space away from the demands of the office, which allows team members to relax and allowing creative ideas to flourish. The outings encourage engagement and emotional involvement not only with the beautiful settings but also among coworkers.

These shared group experiences have the capacity to change the attitude of each employee and to transform the effectiveness of the team as a whole.

Retreat to Lisnavagh to Improve Employee Wellness, Performance and Morale

Moderate aerobic exercise such as walking, yoga and meditations can improve important brain circuit connectivity and increase the performance of cognitive tasks. Time spent in nature has been shown to improve disposition, increase mental clarity and attention, and reduce recovery time from illness.

Recent research has shown that the largest positive health changes occurred when people exercised in the outdoors, would be useful to quote your source stats are always good. Thus, outdoor activities and events have great potential to significantly improve performance in the workplace.

Cultivating Inner Peace

By using the outdoors Lisnavagh has the advantage of combining the significant physical and mental health benefits of exercise with the simultaneous benefit of boosting health that results from time spent in nature.

Through the guidance of our experienced teachers from our regular weekend retreats at Lisnavagh here is an opportunity for your clients or staff to step away from the day-to-day, business as usual. Lisa Quish (an HR professional) explains here why a trip to Lisnavagh could work wonders for your business and your team.

Cultivating Inner Peace is a process of identifying what triggers your stress, and building the resilience and inner peace to let it go, and choose another way to respond, We can build into your team day workshops that will assist in cultivating these skills.

Client Events

Choosing a venue that stands out from the crowd is a sure way of making your conference or event one to remember.

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Team Building

Team Building Activities Complement Business Meetings, Conferences and Sales Training.

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Wellness Retreats

A chance to exhale, to consider your work, your goals, your future outside the office.

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Wellness expert

See what our Teacher Says: 

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” - PLATO.

Lisa Quish one of our resident wellness teachers who has 20 years’ experience working as a Senior Manager in the areas of HR, Mediation, Coaching and Wellness offers some insights regarding what employees need to thrive

Lisnavagh is a family home and imbues this feeling of being able to relax, take your shoes off and let your hair down. Creativity and Play are necessary to create new and innovative ways of thinking.Emily and William as your hosts look after their guests so well, that it has the effect of creating optimum conditions for clarity.

Frederick Herzberg in his article, “One More Time: How Do You Motivate Employees?” states that Recognition, the work itself, Growth and Learning are among the top motivators. By taking your leadership team off site you immediately recognise their contribution, validating the importance of the work they do and offering them the chance to grow and learn.

Communication is key, employees need to hear regularly from the senior team. They need to know they are working to a clearly defined strategy and that the people running the show are cohesive and aligned as a team. Taking time off site to revisit business strategy in a neutral and calm environment away from interruptions and business as usual is a necessity.

The word Well-being is a little overused, but should not be underestimated as one of the keystones of a healthy organisation. It is listed as one of the top five motivators for millennials, (who will makeup 60% of the workforce by 2030) when choosing where to work. Under this umbrella comes flexible working hours, more holidays, recreational opportunities through work and creating a culture that has a healthy approach to lifestyle and work life balance. Gone are the days when presentism equated to output, with more and more European countries introducing policies that increase family leave, promote shorter working weeks and encourage remote working practices. It is time for leaders to lead by example; ensuring they have a strategy to promote wellness in the company and demonstrate the prioritisation of their own health by taking periodic time out and promoting this as part of the Culture

Last but not least Thank You was ranked in the top five engagement factors for employees in a 2016Great Places to Work report. Creating a culture where Thank You is part of the language of the business starts with saying Thank You to your key influencers and contributors by taking them away for 24 hours to the beautiful Lisnavagh, the effects might surprise you.

Lisa Quish

What our clients say

"The event last night was excellent, the room was beautifully presented and the food was superb. Thank you to you and all the staff for accommodating us."

Helen, Carlow County Council Awards Night, November 2018