Wellness Festival

George Quirke

Forest Bathing

George Quirke

In Forest Bathing, participants are invited to create a conscious connection between themselves and the nature that they are surrounded by. Asking the plants, animals and all of the elements for permission to be in the space we begin to listen with our hearts eye and our body to what is needed of us and what is needed for us.

Checking in with ourselves, we can give ourselves permission to melt into the space, to acknowledge all of the elements and to become one with the nature that we are surrounded by and that we are.

George lives in very close communion with the land, washes in the stream daily, grows food, eats fruit and herbs of the land and walks barefoot on the land always acknowledging that there is a spirit there running through the land that wants to live with him and through him. Trees, water, fire, earth and animals are his friends and teachers. Sharing the power of nature and the skills to live in harmony with the land and to be at peace and experience freedom within ourselves is his mission.

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