Big Yin, Nidra & Movement Retreat with Lisa Quish inc a forest bathe

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About This Retreat: 

Yin, Nidra and Movement Retreat

Yin Yoga

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom…” Viktor Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning    

The physical body is always in the present moment while our emotions and thoughts are forever influx. In yin yoga we use the poses or shapes to target an area, connect with a sensation, observe a response to the sensation, and in this way understand the mind body connection. We move therapeutically through the physical body, energetic emotional and mental body with an attitude of mindful awareness

The intention of yin yoga is to stress tissues in the body we don’t normally get to access in our yang movement (whether that be yoga or other muscular lead movement)

Other intentions might be to remove ‘speed’ from the body, slow down, relax and become more aquatinted with our thought patterns and practice mindfulness to access our own inner wisdom

Yoga Nidra

Yoga nidra is like meditation, but it is not the same. With nidra, you are lying down and the goal is to move into a deep state of conscious awareness. This state involves moving from consciousness while awake to dreaming and then to not-dreaming while remaining awake!

There are five brain waves, all necessary for normal healthy brain function. All the way at the bottom of the spectrum of brain waves — below theta waves — are the low, deep, slow delta waves.

Regular meditation practice calms the fight-or-flight, sympathetic nervous system to access the parasympathetic. This has a huge benefit on immunity, digestion and stress management. Theta waves are activated in meditation while nidra has the ability to bring the body and mind down to a delta state where the pineal gland is activated and the powerful antioxidant melatonin is produced reducing blood pressure, cortisol production and inducing restful sleep

Both delta waves and theta waves occur when you’re asleep, but delta waves are the waves that dominate when you’re in a period of deep, restorative sleep, these delta waves are accessed in yoga nidra and the body, mind and emotional body can rest here.


Often in our minds we link dance with the subjective ideals of beauty, performance, sensuality, an art form, something to gift to others and the World. It can be, all of these things, but of equal and non-comparable value is the power of dance as a medium of individual expression, a place of freedom, presence and ultimately of joy. There are many styles and methods of free form dance; yoga dance, chakra dance, ecstatic dance and five rhythms. In my experience over the last fifteen years of practicing, learning, teaching and facilitating many styles of movement, there is a pathway, a broad but circular pattern that involves finding ground, creating safety, moving toward individual expression, connecting with thoughts, feelings and emotions and then letting go to arrive at a point of stillness.

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Start Date:

November 16, 2023


4 Days (optional 3 Days - Friday to Sunday)

Thursday, 16th - Sunday, 19th


€480 - €660 per person single occupancy €420 - €575 per person sharing (3 Days from €420 single occupancy) OPTIONAL TWO NIGHT STAY & SATURDAY DAY ONLY - please ask us.


  • 3 night weekend stay (Lisnavagh Stables Courtyard or House) (optional 2 night stay - see above)
  • Full programme (inc cookery with Emily)
  • All meals and refreshments
  • Tuition
  • Forest Bathing

Contact the Lisnavagh Office for further details T. 0599161473 E.

About Your Teacher: 

The Teacher for this event

Lisa Quish

A bit about Lisa

Lisa is a senior Movement & Mediation teacher with 15 years’ experience of teaching. She has been resident teacher here at Lisnavagh for six years and teaches retreats and workshops several times per year both at home and abroad.  From a young age she studied contemporary ballet and jazz and returned to movement & meditation studies in her late twenties, attending several accredited  programmes in Ireland and the UK,  gaining qualification up to diploma level.  

Lisa says, " I enjoy facilitating exploration into the felt sense of our inner landscape using asana, stillness and free movement. As a student of the Tantric and Buddhist schools of philosophy, I employ techniques that assist in the skillful mastery of an invisible art form that permits us to know ourselves as both the Wave that navigates the Ocean and the Ocean itself in which we abide. This eternal dance that goes on either with or without conscious presence until the end, is the most worthy subject to inform a life time of practice and enquiry enabling us to live with each passing year in a state of greater joy and contentment

Instagram: Lisa Quish Yoga ‘A Place to Be’

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What our clients say

"This was my first retreat experience and it exceeded my expectations…The food was a delight and joy to eat.'

— December 2019

"The cookery demo had some great ideas to go away with…"

— Yoga & Cookery Retreat February 2019

I just wanted to say thank you again for a lovely weekend. I feel so rested! I really enjoyed Pam’s classes. The food was delicious. I will be back again at some point!

— Ruth, January 2019

"Nothing compares. A beautiful place and wonderful experience"

— November 2018 Yoga Sleep Weekend

"The food was exceptional and the cookery demo added to my enjoyment of the food."

— November Yoga & Cookery 2018