January 31, 2023

Celebrate St Bridget - A Shining Light Within - Saturday 4th February - One Day Retreat

Bridget ‘The High One’ a member of the Tuatha De Danann, the supernatural race of Kings, Queens, Druids, Bards, Heroes and Healers of pre–Christian Gaelic Ireland.

Celebrate St Bridget - A Shining Light Within - Saturday 4th February - One Day Retreat

The Triple essence of the Goddess Bridget denotes the Maid, the Mother and the Wise One. The stories in Ireland of the Saint and the Goddess are so inextricably interwoven that it is hard to disconnect them; in the same way that Irish history and mythology are interwoven to create a rich tapestry that we can draw upon in ritual and prayer offering us practices of devotion to call upon as we walk Our Beautiful Land.

On this day retreat, at Lisnavagh House we will honour the first official year of the national holiday, ‘St Bridget’s Day’. A day to celebrate women, sisterhood and the blessings of water and light.

The house is located only a few miles from Tullow where on 1 February 1807 – the Brigidine sisters, the order originally founded by St Brigid came back into existence after being suppressed during the 16th century Reformation and dissolution of the monasteries.

On that morning, a small group of women assembled in silence in their new convent and Bishop Delany planted a tiny oak sapling brought from the Eternal Flame at Bridget’s healing well in Kildare; a symbol that would represent the continuity of St Brigid and the flourishing of her work everywhere. The Goddess and patron of the homecoming of the sun after the long winter days.

Bridget can be called upon to ignite the Eternal Spark of New Life, Inspiration, Healing and Protection

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