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Open Air Theatre

Off The Ground Presents

Jason and the Argonauts


Tuesday, 19th August 2014

This Summer join Off The Ground Theatre as they embark on an epic
adventure, with Jason and his heroic Argonauts.

Watch how the mighty Gods of Greece, Zeus and Hera, play with human lives to satisfy their own desires.

See how Jason uses all his strength and wit to evade the beastly minotaur, how he and his gang avoid certain doom from the
women on the Isle of Lemnos, and how they evade the lure from the enchanting sounds of the Sirens…and ultimately win in the quest
for the Golden Fleece.

Can Jason survive and return home to claim his right to the throne? 
A summer show not to be missed, packed full of song, danger and heroic adventure across the seas!

Bring a picnic and something to sit on for your family and friends.

Tickets €15 adult, €10 senior €7 under 21’s

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